I. \\ˈswiftə(r)\ noun (-s)
Etymology: swift (IV) + -er
1. : the forward or after shroud of a lower mast — see ship illustration
2. : a rope confining the capstan bars in their sockets while the capstan is being turned
3. : a rope encircling a boat or ship longitudinally to strengthen or protect the sides
II. transitive verb (swiftered ; swiftered ; swiftering \\-t(ə)riŋ\\ ; swifters)
: to tauten, secure, or protect with a swifter or other line; specifically : to tauten (slack standing rigging) by bringing the shrouds closer together with a swiftering line — often used with in

swifter in the shrouds

III. noun (-s)
Etymology: swift (III) + -er
: a worker at a swift (sense 2); especially : winder

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